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The Performer Series

Our acoustic-electric Performer Series is designed for players demanding handcrafted tradition and the option to plug in and be heard from the stage. Each Performer ships with a Fishman Classic 3 or Prefix Pro Blend pick-up system - designed to capture the balance and warmth of a nylon-string guitar. Available in Indian Rosewood, African Sapelli, dynamic Bulgarian Walnut and exotic Curly Bubinga, each instrument is expertly bound in wood, accentuating a soft Venetian cutaway that allows exploration of the upper frets. EXPRESS!

# Article Title Hits
1 Daimen /Lulo Reinhardt Signature series/ 16718
2 Kiano /Lulo Reinhardt Signature series/ 13990
3 Fiesta Cutaway F65CW-SB 30108
4 Fiesta Cutaway F65CW-7S /7 string/ 25299
5 Fiesta F65CW Cutaway 24086
6 Fiesta F65CW-TLR /thin line/ 9262
7 Rondo R65CW Cutaway 22077
8 Rondo R65CW-TL /thin line/ 25225
9 Sofia S65CW Cutaway 27851