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Continuing the 90 years of traditions we have united our world guitar brands in a single name Kremona - the name that leads as over the years, a name - established and proven by the quality and tradition of the foundations laid in the early 20-s of the past century, with the knowledge based on the German traditions from one side to the proven attention to detail and the mysteries that are implemented in the instruments of our Bulgarian luthiers, accumulated, stored and transmitted diligently from the time of the ancient Thracians to the present days. Kremona guitars are a symbol of the Bulgarian musical tradition of striving for continuous development and improvement of our master luthiers, love of art which will make art. For us it is important the feeling, the first touch to the instrument that you are experiencing - our customers, friends and admirers, suggestion and feelings that assigns you, the desire to play it again and again ... THE SOUND… - from its prototype in ancient mythology, to its transformation into musical form nowadays - it is a part of our continuous research and striving for perfection! Kremona Guitars - easy to find, difficult to be forgotten ...


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